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Texas’ Big Sky

Texas sure does live up to it’s reputation for having big skies! I took this panorama tonight at sunset during a Bluebonnet session. It’s just incredible to take in! This photo was taken at Mule Shoe Bend Recreation Area in Spicewood Springs, TX (about 45min drive from Austin).

In years past, half the water you see there was lower and full of Bluebonnets. But with all the rains this past year, and Lake Travis filling up, the lake levels are much higher and all the Bluebonnets are under water. Luckily, there are plenty of beautiful patches of Bluebonnets available, just not as big as previous years. The remaining patches of Bluebonnets are currently peak as of today and will have a beautiful bloom for another week or two before wilting and dropping seeds.

I look forward to going out there again and hope the existing fields bloom and grow with what area is available!