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Austin At Night

One of the things I love the absolute most is having the time to take scenic landscape images. That, and night photography :).

It’s spring time and the weather has finally warmed up in Austin, so you know what that means?

The water is warm enough to go in! I had an idea for a long time to capture light trails across Town Lake, the idea was for light trails of a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boarder’s natural paddling rhythm over the water. So with the help of a model friend, we went out to Texas Rowing on Town Lake. I rented a SUP & I outfitted the paddles with glow sticks in a colorful arrangement to make sure the trail they left would stand out. As soon as it was sufficiently dark, my model paddled out and I began my long exposure of her path.

In addition to the lovely night shoot on Town Lake, I drove out to my favorite spot at the Zilker Clubhouse to take in the city’s awesome view. It was clearly time to get some cityscape shots of Austin.

Oh how I love this city!!

You can check out the images and order copies here:

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