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Flamenco! Ole!

Harps?  Flamenco?? Together???!!!

Wow my heart just fluttered and nearly exploded out of my chest with excitement ;)!

Local Austin Harpist, Andrea, came in for some photos and brought her amazing harp with her. One of my goals for the session was to get some shots that portrayed her motion and the harp as angelic wings – because Andrea’s music is equally as angelic sounding :)!!

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Bluebonnets Galore!

It’s been a truly exciting and beautiful bluebonnet season! But now it’s coming to a close, the flowers have started (and in many places finished) seeding and so incredibly few are left.

We had so many amazing family photo sessions this season and it was breathe-taking at times with the sunset hour! The video below is just a highlight of some of the great images we created for this season. Bluebonnets in the central Texas Hill Country, in and around Austin, are one of our favorite times for family portraits!


Austin At Night

One of the things I love the absolute most is having the time to take scenic landscape images. That, and night photography :).

It’s spring time and the weather has finally warmed up in Austin, so you know what that means?

The water is warm enough to go in! I had an idea for a long time to capture light trails across Town Lake, the idea was for light trails of a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boarder’s natural paddling rhythm over the water. So with the help of a model friend, we went out to Texas Rowing on Town Lake. I rented a SUP & I outfitted the paddles with glow sticks in a colorful arrangement to make sure the trail they left would stand out. As soon as it was sufficiently dark, my model paddled out and I began my long exposure of her path.

In addition to the lovely night shoot on Town Lake, I drove out to my favorite spot at the Zilker Clubhouse to take in the city’s awesome view. It was clearly time to get some cityscape shots of Austin.

Oh how I love this city!!

You can check out the images and order copies here:

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