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Swept Away

Limited Edition 1/10 available





Description: ” This piece was created to symbolize the rise above the perceptions and expectations of physical beauty that media and society pressures women. How would you judge the woman in the image if you were to be told she has a Ph.D., or if she has a G.E.D.? Would you be surprised if she has an engineering degree, is a medical doctor or a CEO? What would you think if the model used for the image were not wearing makeup and was 100lbs heavier? While these double standards can hold women back, women have the power to own their beauty and take control of the perceptions and societal definitions of physical presentation”.


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Weight 2.00 lbs
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Framed and Matted with UV glass, Matted Print

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11×14, 16×20, 20×24, 5×7, 8×10