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Family Fun!

I had a fun time with the Millette family in studio last week. They came in for family pictures and goodness, their little two year old was the cutest little fire cracker, hehe!

I *love* toddlers and the two siblings were truly a ton of fun! The little one was so expressive, strong-willed and simultaneously sweet and inquisitive the whole time! It can be difficult to have a session with a toddler, because of-course as all toddlers are on their own time ;). But sometimes it takes a little funny noises and a photographer acting like a monkey, or a little encouragement from momma, and just a little plain ‘ol play time interaction during the session to capture the memories.

Oh, and my absolute favorite – the session included three generations in one image – always warm my heart!

So contact me for your Mother’s Day images and a Mommy & Me session. Let’s create those smiles and capture those moments!

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