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Flamenco! Ole!

Harps?  Flamenco?? Together???!!!

Wow my heart just fluttered and nearly exploded out of my chest with excitement ;)!

Local Austin Harpist, Andrea, came in for some photos and brought her amazing harp with her. One of my goals for the session was to get some shots that portrayed her motion and the harp as angelic wings – because Andrea’s music is equally as angelic sounding :)!!

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Finding The White Queen

I had the unique opportunity to design a set for a White-on-White, high-key photo shoot with a model. This particular concept has been milling around in my head for literally the last few years. The best part about this was that I finally had the opportunity to pull it out of my head and pull it all together to see it come to fruition.

I don’t normally do these types of portrait projects, but felt it was high-time to introduce the world to “The White Queen” that had been living in the shadows of my mind :).

Model and MUA: Jennifer Lynn Larsen

Set design, concept and photography- Teodora Pogonat


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