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Ironman Sports

Who doesn’t love the challenge of a good race?!

I got to work with Ironman Texas (IMTX) triathlete Rick Bosworth during his training period just before the big race. Hats off to all triathletes in their training endeavors! It truly takes a tremendous amount of dedication and focus to be able to compete in a race that tests the limits of a person’s physical endurance!!

If you are a triathlete and would like to schedule your own session to commemorate your dedication to the sport, please contact me here

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Headshots! Yay!

Nothing like fall time for companies planning ahead and getting their websites in tip top shape for 2017 :).

Just finished up these awesome professional images for a local Austin company!

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Event Photography!

Be on the lookout for more event photos by me on!! Copies can be downloaded for free from galleries on :)!

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Please, Please, Please Print Those Photos

Ok, I have an incredibly personal request for you all.

No matter what friends, will you please, please, please print the best of your digital files, print them often, and print them on decent quality materials so they last? Don’t do it because I’m asking, but do it for you and your family.

We live in such an increasingly digital age where so much emphasis is put on digital files – but not as much thought goes into the future of those files. I’m begging you to think about what you do with those digital photos and not only make backups, but make sure you print them. And don’t do it just because I’m writing this imploring you to – this isn’t for me. This is for you – and your family.

What brought this all on? I unfortunately just went through the heart breaking process of burying my grandfather  last week. As is expected, All of us in the family are sad, heartbroken, and clinging to every image and piece of him we can find. He was a family man, always working his hardest for us in every big and little way he could. We were his priority and in this post-grandpa life we face, preserving his memory is now our priority.

During the funeral process, I went through a frantic flurry of trying to find photos of my grandpa for a memorial album for the funeral home. I was surprised that I had slightly more digital images of him from this last year than I had printed copies from his entire life … and it made me so sad.

Grandpa Ilie

I felt like every old photo of him was a physical way for us to connect to him now that he’s gone. Those photos became the most precious things. And it hit me even harder that I had none of those digital ones printed and panicked at the thought that one day I might have no way of displaying them when I needed to :/.

It felt like it took forever to get the funeral home to be able to upload those jpg files for display. It kept going through my head – What if their system couldn’t read my files?! Which lead to – What if future systems make current tech obsolete, how would we be able to view anything?

I also panicked when I momentarily couldn’t find my backed up files of images I took of grandpa in 2005-2008 :/. Sadly, one of the folders was corrupt too, add that to the list of stress with digitals  :/.

While I had a backup and was able to pull the files in the end, it wasn’t without a massive struggle.
But the bigger heartache was simply finding pictures of my grandfather in the first place.

We had no images of him as a child – I suspect due to family circumstances of the time & lack of easy cheap access to a camera in 1930’s Romania – and fewer images as an adult over the years (again partly due to lack of camera access, but also because HE was taking the pictures when they were being taken). And then there were the small, pixelated ones off my phone. I doubt I can get good prints beyond a 2.5×3.5 wallet size – but it’s something and I’m going to try. If all I ever have are the cell pics, that’s better than nothing of-course!

My point of all this, finally (and sorry, it was so long winded) is simply – take pictures, get yourself in front of the camera and take them often – and print them, don’t just stare at them on your screen and allow yourself to forget about them.

I guarantee you, people who love you don’t care about those flaws you keep telling yourself need to be hidden from the camera. You deserve to have your picture taken, beautiful flaws and all. People who love you don’t see them – they see the person they love. People who love you want to see you and want to remember you in the future just as you are. Your family deserves something of you when you’re gone – likewise you deserve something of them when they can’t be with you too, so encourage them to step in front of that camera at all costs.

There’s no time like now to make sure you take some photos, and no time like now to download and print your files.

Just Don’t let your current fears rob your loved ones of a image of you. And don’t let this digital age make you lazy to ensure that something tangible survives to help them physically connect to you.

Nothing can replace the connection a print can create for the people you love.

So take photos. Often. And print. Often.

Flamenco! Ole!

Harps?  Flamenco?? Together???!!!

Wow my heart just fluttered and nearly exploded out of my chest with excitement ;)!

Local Austin Harpist, Andrea, came in for some photos and brought her amazing harp with her. One of my goals for the session was to get some shots that portrayed her motion and the harp as angelic wings – because Andrea’s music is equally as angelic sounding :)!!

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NEW Photobooth Fun!

Interested in finding out about our new photo booth rental service?
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Travel. Romania.


My mind is literally blown from the absolutely EPIC experience I had in Romania. I went traveling all over Romania for a Month from Mid July until Mid August. The food. The People. The scenery. All of it beautiful, raw, real and unspoiled authentic. You could go to Romania and live there relatively cheap, and enjoy five-star hotels for fractions of the cost of other European cities.

Along the way we went to Bucharest, Breaza, Targoviste, Dumbovicioara National Park, Fundata (where I took the Milky Way image!!), Rasnov, Brasov, Sighisoara, Targu-Mures, Sovata, Salina Turda, Cheile Bicazului and Iasi. We encountered Romanian traffic jams (cows blocking the road and a herd of sheep blocking a bridge), curious squirels and goats, gorgeous scenery and the dicotomy of ancient history and modern architecture.

Along the way I snapped as much as I could. Please, thumb through the album and share the beauty that is this amazing country! A few of the images have been submitted to the Smithsonian Magazine photo contest (you can view them here, and here, and here, and here, and lastly, here.

If you’d like to purchase any of the finer images from the gallery, you can do so here.

So, enjoy:

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To me, photography has always been a passion. A solace when days aren’t going quite as you wish them to be. A love that never gets old. I can’t remember a time when I sat behind a camera and did not feel the rush and excitement of knowing – *just* knowing – that the images you’re making are spectacular. And the challenge of making the images that weren’t right, spectacular.

And then it hit me. An epiphany. Is my photography just portraiture? No. No it can’t be *just* portraiture. If I give one person pleasure, if I make one person smile, why can’t it be through the lens of varied work?

This entire post is just simply to say, my work is so much more than just portraiture. My entire journey is for the love of the camera, for the love of the image. Every style of photography has come about for not only the aesthetics of the genre, but for the love of the technical challenge to put it together. Like an insatiable thirst for knowledge, each nuance of photographic endeavors bringing me closer to photographic nirvana (LOL).

So with that, I’m taking on a journey of photographic “soul searching” and exploring through the lens every thing I can muster. People are always my greatest joy, but the technical challenges of other work … ahhh …. those are the cherries.

My fine art works, and my formal portraiture will live on. In another world called Modern Classics. I had originally planned on naming the work Reverie, but it didn’t quite fit. Like the challenge of making images spectacular, finding the right name for a fit was just as important. So Modern Classics Fine Art Photography has been born and living on it’s own. All formal and environmental portraiture will now live there, growing and making families happy for generations. And here? Here I will bring you more. More of the wondrous glory that photography has to offer.

Stay tuned, I will be posting more of my varied work beyond portraiture. Landscape, travel, real estate, architecture, product, still life. Ahhhh so much!!


Grow With Me!

How quickly a year passes! Sometimes it might feel like time has just stopped, like nothing will move forward – and then you blink and it’s been a year. This sweet family came in every three months to document their little baby’s growth over his first year and his one year cake smash & family portrait session was just last week.

Check out what a huge growth this little guy has undergone!Untitled

Cool In Khakis

Is it already feeling like summer?? Sure looks like it from this session ;)! As the temperatures get warmer, the spring flowers start withering away and the heat of central Texas settles in. Thank goodness for air conditioned studio space where this family could stay cool in khakis!

This lovely family arranged for a fun and casual family session reminiscent of the summer fun we’re all longing for :). Check out some highlights from their session:

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