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Monthly Archives: June 2017

The Saga Continues!!!

Sooooo, I’m excited to share!! “Nevertheless She Persisted: The Pink Parachute” saga continues!!

I’ve been busy planning for the last few weeks the next photoshoot in the series ;). And now I’ve just packed all my bags and equipment and am headed to South Florida to continue creating images dedicated to all us women!!


This trip, the series will focus on Miami and the surrounding areas as the backdrop. I’ve planned my locations, focusing on some symbolic backdrops, but also ideal and iconic areas of Miami. 


The artistic goal for this trip is just as big as Miami :). We have three locations, three models and the images are sure to be just as epic as Denver and Red Rocks images are!!  My goal for the series of images in Miami is to represent women as the trees of life, the rocks of our home, the beacons and guides of life, love and hope – and just the flat out glamorous beings that we are!!

And the skirt was shipped and ready for us to start in South Florida!!

So here we goooooooo!!

Studio Headshots, yay!!

Professional headshots in studio are always so comfortable and entertaining! I just had the pleasure of having Donalyn come into my studio to update her professional images. She will be a key speaker for a conference and her image will be the highlight. 

I could tell she was a little nervous, not knowing what to expect and a little camera shy. But I know that just the right amount of fun conversation and the cozy surroundings of my studio would help put her at ease. By the end of the session, she not only loved the images she chose for retouching, but she left with a big smile on her face – yay, success!! 

You see, to me, it’s not just about the images that make up a photo session, but also the laughs, smiles and great conversation – putting everyone at ease and ensuring they enjoy their time in studio is always my goal!

Here are some highlights from her session:

Professional Headshots in Studio          Professional Headshots in Studio

Just to highlight – All headshot sessions services include two looks and two retouched images delivered as jpg files, along with social media copies. 

Contact me today to schedule your headshot session and update the images that represent you and your brand!