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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Lash by Nesreen

Ooooh there’s something so beautiful about long lashes :)!!

I want to give a big shout out to the lovely Nesreen for the amazing work she does and the fun I had taking her pictures :). Nesreen owns Lash By Nesreen, a cosmetic boutique that specializes in lashes for women.

We got together and did her lovely headshots and featured some of her amazing work for her business. She does amazing work and truly a gem to work with!

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Ironman Sports

Who doesn’t love the challenge of a good race?!

I got to work with Ironman Texas (IMTX) triathlete Rick Bosworth during his training period just before the big race. Hats off to all triathletes in their training endeavors! It truly takes a tremendous amount of dedication and focus to be able to compete in a race that tests the limits of a person’s physical endurance!!

If you are a triathlete and would like to schedule your own session to commemorate your dedication to the sport, please contact me here

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