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Monthly Archives: July 2016


To me, photography has always been a passion. A solace when days aren’t going quite as you wish them to be. A love that never gets old. I can’t remember a time when I sat behind a camera and did not feel the rush and excitement of knowing – *just* knowing – that the images you’re making are spectacular. And the challenge of making the images that weren’t right, spectacular.

And then it hit me. An epiphany. Is my photography just portraiture? No. No it can’t be *just* portraiture. If I give one person pleasure, if I make one person smile, why can’t it be through the lens of varied work?

This entire post is just simply to say, my work is so much more than just portraiture. My entire journey is for the love of the camera, for the loveĀ of the image. Every style of photography has come about for not only the aesthetics of the genre, but for the love of the technical challenge to put it together. Like an insatiable thirst for knowledge, each nuance of photographic endeavors bringing me closer to photographic nirvana (LOL).

So with that, I’m taking on a journey of photographic “soul searching” and exploring through the lens every thing I can muster. People are always my greatest joy, but the technical challenges of other work … ahhh …. those are the cherries.

My fine art works, and my formal portraiture will live on. In another world called Modern Classics. I had originally planned on naming the work Reverie, but it didn’t quite fit. Like the challenge of making images spectacular, finding the right name for a fit was just as important. So Modern Classics Fine Art Photography has been born and living on it’s own. All formal and environmental portraiture will now live there, growing and making families happy for generations. And here? Here I will bring you more. More of the wondrous glory that photography has to offer.

Stay tuned, I will be posting more of my varied work beyond portraiture. Landscape, travel, real estate, architecture, product, still life. Ahhhh so much!!