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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Family Fun!

I had a fun time with the Millette family in studio last week. They came in for family pictures and goodness, their little two year old was the cutest little fire cracker, hehe!

I *love* toddlers and the two siblings were truly a ton of fun! The little one was so expressive, strong-willed and simultaneously sweet and inquisitive the whole time! It can be difficult to have a session with a toddler, because of-course as all toddlers are on their own time ;). But sometimes it takes a little funny noises and a photographer acting like a monkey, or a little encouragement from momma, and just a little plain ‘ol play time interaction during the session to capture the memories.

Oh, and my absolute favorite – the session included three generations in one image – always warm my heart!

So contact me for your Mother’s Day images and a Mommy & Me session. Let’s create those smiles and capture those moments!

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Bluebonnets Galore!

It’s been a truly exciting and beautiful bluebonnet season! But now it’s coming to a close, the flowers have started (and in many places finished) seeding and so incredibly few are left.

We had so many amazing family photo sessions this season and it was breathe-taking at times with the sunset hour! The video below is just a highlight of some of the great images we created for this season. Bluebonnets in the central Texas Hill Country, in and around Austin, are one of our favorite times for family portraits!